View from Zugspitze

The Top of Germany

Forget about ‘Top of the Rock’. This is Germany’s top. And much higher than the observation deck of New York’s Rockefeller Center. And of course, the scenery to look at is different: breathtaking views of a vast variety of snowcapped mountains, frozen lakes and the splendid green nature of the valleys below make sure you […]

DHL-Rhetorik getrackt − mit viel Sendungsbewusstsein

Wenn alles läuft, ist alles super. Heute bestellt, morgen Dingdong, oder spätestens übermorgen. Doch wenn etwas nicht ganz so im Sinne des Bestellenden − und sehr wahrscheinlich dann auch nicht im Sinne des, wie es immer so schön heißt, „Logistikpartners“ des Versenders, also z. B. DHL, dpd, Hermes oder andere Paketdienste − läuft, dann läuft […]

Communication is a double-edged sword, um, a two-way road…

Even if we’re not talking, we are communicating. In one way or the other. Whether it’s by gesture, facial expression, body language, or by just staying silent, it all adds up to the basic human need and sometimes the reason of cursing your opposite: communication. Quite often, communication is also the cause for quarrels and […]

New York – Travel Delights

I guess, this is my first real blog entry, yeiii, finally. And I’d like to start this blog with a “little” three week trip to New York. And just to be clear: No, I will never ever ever ever use the term “The Big Apple” or the Frank Sinatra redundant variant “New York, New York”, […]